* Dez 6, 2018


In a world which is heading towards a fundamental crisis with life being driven by a rise in psychological input, constant traveling and exploiting it is more important than ever to understand what this world really needs. 

Freedom is probably the most important thing in a human´s life. But how do we live our freedom? Does freedom really mean to pollute the planet by traveling to even further destinations just to post some cool photos on social media? Or can freedom maybe just be at your door step!?

While the complexity of life in the western world constantly drags us away from how we should really life, I got fascinated by the beauty of simplicity and sustainability in my life.

I know deep in myself, a simple life without a huge footprint on our planet is what everybody needs to keep on enjoying this green planet.

I changed my life, can you?

Enjoy this very personal insight in my mind.


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