Stock footage or whole tv shows, we´ve got it all covered!

The past years we have travelled the world to shoot unique footage and produce many documentaries.

All short movies and documentaries are available for licensing no matter if for TV, Web or corporate uses. We have a network of clients all around the world licensing content from us. If you like our shows and want to get them on your network, just contact us to become one of them.

Of course we have also collected an enormous stock footage collection which features a world of original footage we shot in countries like China, Brazil or Russia.
The content is ranging from extreme sports to lifestyle to timelapse to super slow motion and of course: nature. And, we’re constantly adding fresh stock footage.

All content is available in pro res hd 1080 25p and all licensing is done individually to suit your specific needs.

Besides the highest quality, all content is available at very low rates no matter if for commercial or non-commercial use, advertising or just Web. Of course we offer a legal guarantee for the available content.

So if you are looking for amazing footage and the prices of the big stock footage companies annoy you, don´t wait. Send us an Email explaining what you are looking for. We will get back to you shortly with video previews that suit your request and a price offer you would not expect.

timelapse sample


slow motion sample