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In all works of art, deep shadow is vital because it provides necessary depth and perspective. It follows that in a life painted with dark challenges, there exists the inevitable brilliance of opportunity.

Life coach Vashti Whitfield was staggered by the loss of the love of her life and father to her two children in 2011, Spartacus-starring actor Andy Whitfield, to cancer.

Around the same time, filmmaker René Eckert stepped away from his life's work for several months when he experienced his passion dwindle into routine. He documented the cinematic story of his near-burnout which Whitfield discovered online soon after and contacted Eckert.

A series of emails culminated in Eckert's unannounced arrival in Sydney in 2013, guided only by his overwhelming desire to merge her compelling narrative with his, and to inspire others to move forward with clarity, purpose and hope.

This film is a testament to Whitfield's unflagging love for her husband, her children and the great gift of life, despite its seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And is a tribute to those who continue to navigate out of the dimly-lit spaces of adversity: those passionate, steadfast lovers of life and light.



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Australia 2013/14

7:21 min