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"I think it was 1994 when I held the first video camera of my parents in my hands. Since that day I was infected by the idea of making movies.

The first people I focused my camera on where my friends. I followed them through their life and their passions. The more professional I became the more I lost connection with them.

This series is about reconnecting."

René Eckert (Founder Blickinsfreie), January 2013


Dedicated is a series of short portraits about friends that I have met over the years. Their dedication constantly inspires me everyday. This series is a tribute to my friends.

Episode 7 focuses on 2 passionate downhill racers from the Saxon lowland area around Leipzig in East-Germany.

In a flat landcape without any elevation it is pretty impossible to fall in love with a sport that requires hills to be performed. Nevertheless, World War 2 with its huge amounts of rubble due to the big destruction of Leipzig gave those guys an artificial hill just outside the city centre. They call it the trash mountain.

With just 60 meters of altitude, a group of friends invested a lot of work and passion to make their dream of a downhill track at their home a reality.



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Technical Details

Germany 2013

6:45 min

Language: German
Subtitles: English