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"I think it was 1994 when I held the first video camera of my parents in my hands. Since that day I was infected by the idea of making movies.

The first people I focused my camera on where my friends. I followed them through their life and their passions. The more professional I became the more I lost connection with them.

This series is about reconnecting."

René Eckert (Founder Blickinsfreie), January 2013


Dedicated is a series of short portraits about friends that I have met over the years. Their dedication constantly inspires me everyday. This series is a tribute to my friends.

Episode 6 focuses on singer/song writer Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment For The Braindead (Eftb).

I got in touch with Julia´s music through a friend of mine. I instantly felt like she needs to play at the Poetry Festival in my home town. It was pretty easy to convince her.

After meeting her finally I was sure I need to do a film portrait about her.

Julia is addicted to travelling and loves the unknown when leaving her home in Berlin for a new adventure. Because she is open for anything spontaneous it can happen she leaves for a day but arrives back in Berlin after weeks. The self–taught lo fi singer/songwriter takes her instruments wherever she goes, as if this would be the only way to communicate with the world around her.

This is entertainment for the braindead.


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Technical Details

Germany 2013

6:15 min

Language: English