„Nicht wo du die Bäume kennst, wo die Bäume dich kennen, ist deine Heimat.“ - Sibirische Weisheit

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Wedding Videos with a difference: AUTHENTICITY

Blickinsfreie makes wedding videos with a difference. Authentic and honest is our key values to make your wedding video a charming memory.

NO acting = NO stress for your and your guests!


Preview of Wedding Videos with a difference: AUTHENTICITY


In this world there is so much talking about saving nature but actually humanity believes more to be able to control nature instead of trying to arrange ourselves with it in harmony. We know what needs to be done, but we ignore it. We like to enjoy...

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Diginetmedia is one of the leading companies for 360 degrees panorama photography. We tried to capture the spirit of the company by giving some of their most prestigious clients a voice.

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